We are now a collection point for Bread Tags and Bottle Caps for Envision ♻️
Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs
Bread tags come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Made of High Impact Polystyrene they have a good recycling value. It takes 200 bread bags full of tags that are packed into 10 black bags or 200 kg of tags to bring in enough money to buy one wheelchair.
Bread Tags for Wheelchairs currently supply 2-3 wheelchairs to those in need around South Africa every month. With our help they can increase those numbers!
Bottle Caps for Envision
Bottle caps are fully recyclable. Unfortunately, as reported on ABC’s ‘War on Waste’, they aren’t being recycled. They get sent to landfill, they fall through machinery, and in worst case scenarios, if attached to a bottle, they can explode and force expensive re packing issues.
This overlooked waste product is almost entirely made from HDPE 2 (High Density Poly-Ethylene). After considerable experimentation we have successfully taken this plastic and extruded it to create functioning filament for 3D printers. Once we have the filament we 3D print all the components that make up the hand.

How can you help???

Start collecting your bread tags and bottle caps! Even broken tags can be recycled. If you are a Bacchus Marsh local send me a text/email or DM asking my address to drop off your tags OR bring them to a market I'm attending!